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Our Research & Development team partners to design liquid test and measurement solutions, including sensors, analyzers, handheld meters, and other custom solutions for your specific application. Our expertise combines electrochemical, optical, electrical, and mechanical research and design.

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wastewater facility

New Technologies for Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment plays a crucial role in preserving our environment and ensuring the availability of clean water for several purposes. As the global population increases and industries expand, the demand for effective wastewater treatment solutions is on the rise. Fortunately, emerging technologies are paving the way for innovative and sustainable approaches to address this challenge. In this article, we review the importance of wastewater treatment, how new technologies impact domestic, municipal, and industrial water usage, as well as current trends in treatment. Importance of Wastewater Treatment Wastewater treatment is essential for several reasons. First, untreated wastewater poses significant threats to public

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Water Conductivity Range

Water conductivity range is a crucial parameter when assessing the quality and purity of water in various applications. Moreover, it is a measure of the ability of water to conduct electricity, which is proportional to the

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saturated calomel electrode

Saturated Calomel Electrode

Electrodes play a pivotal role in electrochemical measurements, and one of the stalwarts in the field is the saturated calomel electrode. It is a reference electrode that functions via a reaction between elemental mercury and mercurous

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