AlpHa Measurement Solutions Launches Sanctioned Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program

glass being blowing

Through collaboration with the U.S. Department of Labor and Texas Workforce Solutions, AlpHa Measurement Solutions, LLC (AlpHa) has launched an officially sanctioned Glass Blower Apprenticeship Program. This program is important to AlpHa because it opens a formal candidate stream into an existing structured career path, enabling continuity within a critical skillset while supporting the Houston community through offering a defined career pathway.

Similar to welder or electrician apprenticeship programs, this competency-based program offers approved candidates up to 6,000 hours of on-the-job learning covering three skill levels across 43 specific competencies. The program also includes 446 total hours of related technical instruction (classroom and hands-on). Topics range broadly to provide apprentices with a valuable educational experience. General safety and quality training stresses two of AlpHa’s core values.  Basic process, functional, and system introductions include hands-on work in different departments to provide overall business awareness.  Apprentices receive instruction from our engineering team to learn material science concepts associated with glass blowing, and they work side by side with our Glass Masters, who bring to bear many decades of collective fabrication experience.

Recruitment is routed through the local Texas Workforce Solutions team.  Interested candidates should contact our Human Resources team via the Contact Us page at

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