AlpHa Measurement Solutions partners with Houston’s Star of Hope to support those in need

Hands holding alpHa logo

Alpha Measurement Solutions, LLC has partnered with Houston’s Star of Hope, a non-profit mission committed to assisting homeless individuals and families to gather and donate basic essentials for those in need.  Within AlpHa, the effort proved to be especially meaningful during the challenging Thanksgiving holiday season.  AlpHa employees demonstrated their dedication and compassion by spearheading a successful donation drive and amassing a truckload of essential items, including toiletries, food, and clothing.

This remarkable effort not only exemplified AlpHa’s commitment to social responsibility but also made a significant, positive impact on the lives of those in need.  Drew Hall, CEO of AlpHa Measurement Solutions, stated, “AlpHa’s employee generosity and community engagement to support the homeless during this crucial time of the year is truly commendable.”

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