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Micro Autoclavable Electrodes

two electrodes in horizontal position

This series of miniature steam sterilizable, combination pH and redox electrodes are designed for small bench-top fermentors and culture apparatus. The electrodes are designed to fit all 12mm and 6mm electrode holders or rubber stoppers used in benchtop fermentors. This series of miniature steam, sterilizable, combination pH and redox electrodes are designed for small benchtop […]

Standard Addition Method

titrating liquids into beakers

The standard addition method serves in determine an analyte’s concentration in a complex matrix. This article demonstrates how to perform this procedure step by step.

What is an ISE Electrode?

beaker with various droppers

The design of each electrode component is critical to the functioning of a circuit. Learn more about ISE’s in this article.

Practical pH: Theory and Use

pH measurement in a beaker

This article will discuss the principles and theory behind the pH measurement and relate these to the actual pH measurement done in the field and laboratory. Introduction Since the Danish chemist S.P.L. Sorensen defined pH in 1909, it has experienced an enormous development of the theory and practical application of the concept. Today, pH value […]

Conductivity Guide

conductivity diagram

Conductivity (or specifically electrolytic conductivity) is the ability of a substance to conduct electric current.

Standard Addition Method

Introduction In analytical chemistry, a calibration equation generally serves in determining the unknown concentration of an analyte. Developing the equation entails evaluating the sensor’s response to a series of standards with known concentrations of the same analyte. The calibration equation method normally requires an identical matrix for both sample and standards without interference with the […]