New Technologies for Wastewater Treatment

wastewater facility

Wastewater treatment plays a crucial role in preserving our environment and ensuring the availability of clean water for several purposes. As the global population increases and industries expand, the demand for effective wastewater treatment solutions is on the rise. Fortunately, emerging technologies are paving the way for innovative and sustainable approaches to address this challenge. […]

Water Conductivity Range

Water conductivity range is a crucial parameter when assessing the quality and purity of water in various applications. Moreover, it is a measure of the ability of water to conduct electricity, which is proportional to the quantity of dissolved ions. In this article, we delve into the significance of water conductivity range, explore it for […]

Saturated Calomel Electrode

saturated calomel electrode

Electrodes play a pivotal role in electrochemical measurements, and one of the stalwarts in the field is the saturated calomel electrode. It is a reference electrode that functions via a reaction between elemental mercury and mercurous chloride.  In this article, we review a typical diagram of a saturated calomel electrode, then delve into its theory […]

Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

Dissolved Oxygen sensors

Discover current methods of measuring dissolved oxygen and the diverse applications that stem from this precise analysis.

Deionized Water Conductivity

lightbulb floating in water

Deionized water conductivity is a critical parameter of quality of water. Learn more about this property, typical ranges, and specifications.

Micro Autoclavable Electrodes

two electrodes in horizontal position

This series of miniature steam sterilizable, combination pH and redox electrodes are designed for small bench-top fermentors and culture apparatus. The electrodes are designed to fit all 12mm and 6mm electrode holders or rubber stoppers used in benchtop fermentors. This series of miniature steam, sterilizable, combination pH and redox electrodes are designed for small benchtop […]

Standard Addition Method

titrating liquids into beakers

The standard addition method serves in determine an analyte’s concentration in a complex matrix. This article demonstrates how to perform this procedure step by step.