AlpHa Measurement Solutions Partners with Nonprofit Reach Unlimited

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For many organizations, it is a constant challenge to find talent to support operational production needs. AlpHa Measurement Solutions has found an exceptional partner that provides additional capacity in the manufacturing of products in Houston, Texas, with Reach Unlimited.

Reach Unlimited is dedicated to providing quality support services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. AlpHa Measurement Solutions, along with Reach Unlimited’s clients, have been working together since October 2021 to achieve fantastic results for both organizations.  Reach Unlimited has excelled in providing straightforward and relatively simple sub-assembled products that historically consumed time from AlpHa’s Assembly Associates.

“Utilizing Reach Unlimited’s clients has freed up capacity for our staff to focus on more complex operations,” stated Steve Krebs, COO of AlpHa Measurement Solutions.

“While looking at outsourcing operations to best cost locations, we found that we not only receive quality products in a timely manner from locally based Reach Unlimited, but we are achieving cost savings on the logistics alone. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Reach Unlimited,” stated Jeff Hart, Strategic Sourcing Director.

The metrics of this business partnership are clearly measurable for AlpHa, but the impact the work has on Reach Unlimited’s client’s lives is exponentially more valuable.  AlpHa Measurement Solutions is extremely proud of this relationship and the positive impact it is making in the Houston community.

Reach Unlimited believes that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve to live a life full of joy, purpose, and accomplishment in a safe and caring environment. If you would like to explore a potential business partnership with Reach, please feel to contact them at

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