AlpHa Measurement Solutions Launches In-Line Chlorine Sensor Portfolio

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Houston, TX USA – June 29, 2022 – AlpHa Measurement Solutions LLC (AlpHa), a leader in the liquid sensing technology segment of the test and measurement space, today announced the launch of their new In-Line Chlorine Sensor Portfolio.

In addition to AlpHa’s already broad electrochemistry sensor portfolio, they are proud to release both Free and Total amperometric in-line chlorine sensing capabilities. The R&D team, consisting of electrochemists, mechanical and electrical engineers, has jointly collaborated to develop this unique capability offering.

AlpHa’s R&D efforts allow both customized solutions and standard options for in-line chlorine measurements. One key innovative benefit of AlpHa’s chlorine technology is the reduction of long-term drift which drastically reduces labor time, maintenance, and calibration frequency over the life of the sensor.

“We are very excited about the launch of our new chlorine technology.” said AlpHa’s Vice President of Global R&D Aaron Judice. “Through extensive beta-testing, we have found our technology can typically reduce the maintenance for a chlorine sensor by four times. We have also engineered our chlorine sensor to operate accurately over a wide pH range enabling use in a variety of applications.”

About AlpHa Measurement Solutions

AlpHa Measurement Solutions is a liquid sensor technology platform serving the complex testing needs of water quality, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and industrial markets with an unmatched combination of precision, reliability, innovation, and flexibility. AlpHa designs and manufacturers intelligent, analytical sensors and technologies that deliver mission critical and actionable data for customers focused on water quality, health, and safety applications around the world. With over 100 years of combined water sensing experience and over 450 employees across 100,000 sq ft of manufacturing space, we proudly serve our OEM, distribution, and direct customers alike.

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