AlpHa Measurement Solutions | Meters & Transmitters


Meters, controllers, monitors, transmitters, analyzers, and other instrumentation specifically designed to work with water quality sensors and electrodes are critical assets in every measurement system. The instrument portion of the measurement system provides:
  • Display of electrode readings
  • User-interface
  • The ability to initiate and store a calibration along with diagnostic features
  • Measurement compensation with other inputs and algorithms
  • Log, alarm, control, or initiate other outputs based on the measurement
Our portable/handheld, benchtop, and wall-mounted instruments can be custom designed and manufactured to the desired application and specifications. Options for portable devices include measuring Optical Dissolved Oxygen, pH, ORP, Temperature, Heavy Metals, and more.


Handheld meters can range in form factor, desired parameter(s), and functions to enable measurements across different applications. For form factor, meters can be fully handheld without cables (an all-in-one option with a sensor built-in to the meter) or with cables where sensors can be easily interchanged.

As an example, AlpHa’s optical dissolved oxygen handheld meter offers both laboratory and field / process sensors for multiple applications. The handheld meter offers characteristics of high precision and high stability:
  • Resolution down to less than 1 ppb
  • Built-in automatic temperature compensation
  • Built-in automatic pressure compensation
  • 1-point and 2-point calibrations for ppm and ppb measurement
  • Salinity auto compensation with user input
  • Spec Sheet


When identifying a transmitter and desired electrode configuration, there are many factors to consider including design, output, and functionality. AlpHa can partner at any stage in the development process to design, develop prototypes, and execute delivery through global manufacturing.

An example is AlpHa’s I-2000 universal transmitter which provides unique configuration options to measure pH, ORP, conductivity, ion-selective electrodes, chlorine, and / or dissolved oxygen. Configuration options and critical performance features include:
  • Unique dual channel combination of analog and digital inputs
  • Single / dual channel analog and digital inputs
  • Automatic detection of the temperature sensor
  • Option to input offset & slope directly in transmitter
  • One button display change from mV to pH for graphing
  • Spec Sheet