AlpHa Measurement Solutions Launches In-line PTSA Sensor Portfolio

AlpHa Measurement Solutions, LLC (AlpHa), a leader in the liquid sensing technology segment of the test and measurement space, today announced the launch of its new in-line PTSA Fluorometer Portfolio. 

In an expansion of its optical sensing portfolio, AlpHa is proud to release the XC-PTSA, an in-line PTSA fluorometer, as the first sensing parameter featuring AlpHa’s new XCite fluorometer, a novel, patent-pending optical design. The XC-PTSA sensor measures PTSA fluorescence at a market-leading minimum detection limit under 1 part per billion (ppb). AlpHa’s offering includes both stocked and customized solution options for in-line PTSA measurements.

“The optical design of the XCite fluorometer sets a new standard for detection levels of fluorescing organisms,” said AlpHa’s VP of Global R&D, Aaron Judice. “Our XC-PTSA sensor is the first to leverage this patent-pending technology with more parameters to follow closely.” 

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About AlpHa Measurement Solutions

Alpha Measurement Solutions is a liquid sensor technology platform serving the complex testing needs of water quality, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and industrial markets with an unmatched combination of precision, reliability, innovation, and flexibility.  AlpHa designs and manufactures intelligent, analytical sensors and technologies that deliver mission-critical and actionable data for customers focused on water quality, health, and safety applications around the world. With over 100 years of combined water-sensing experience, AlpHa proudly serves OEM, distribution, and direct customers alike.

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