AlpHa Measurement Solutions is a liquid sensing technology platform serving the complex needs of water quality, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and industrial markets with an unmatched combination of precision, reliability, innovation, and flexibility.
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Browse by sensor type through Alpha’s electrochemical and optical sensor portfolios. Each sensor parameter is proudly manufactured and tested in-house, tailored to the unique requirements of the test and measurement application.


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Contact AlpHa to explore our capabilities to design and supply OEM liquid analytical process instrumentation and meters with a range of analytics to pair with both analog and compatible digital sensors and electrodes.

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Understanding pH in Food and Methods for Testing pH Levels

The pH level in food plays a crucial role in determining its taste, texture, safety, and shelf life. As a result, it is one of the foremost considerations in various aspects of food production, preservation, and quality control. This article delves into understanding the significance of pH in food, different methods for testing pH levels, a food chart, and applications in food processing and preservation. The Significance of pH in Food The pH level of a substance measures its acidity or alkalinity. In food, it serves as an indicator that governs key processing aspects, as the following sections highlight. Microbial Growth

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Ion Selective Electrode

An ion selective electrode is a unique sensor that measures the concentration of specific ions in a solution. It is also known as a specific ion electrode and membrane electrode. Because of its uniqueness, its application

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